3 of the Best Twin XL Bunk Beds to Get Right Now [2022]

Bunk beds should be the illustration for the word “efficiency” in every dictionary. 

While sleeping high above the floor is fascinating for some kids, the bottom bunk can feel like a cozy cave for others. 

While bunk beds are usually categorized for kids, they can be great for adults as well. For example, hospitality businesses often use bunk beds to house their guests, especially lodges. 

Here’s the deal:

We rounded up three of the best twin XL bunk beds on the market today.

So whether you need a bunk for kids, family, or business, you’ll enjoy what we have in store for you today. 

Let’s get started.

The 3 Best Twin XL Bunk Beds

There are quite a few different types of twin bunk beds available on the market. However, we do feel that the following three bunks offer families the most benefits. 

The bunk beds we’re going to review today can save you a lot of space and accommodate visitors without breaking the bank. If cash is not an issue, we have bunks for you too. 

Here is a quick look at some of the best large bunk beds to buy now. 

1. The Acme Furniture Twin XL Bunk Bed with Drawers

ACME Furniture XL Twin/Queen Bunk Bed with Drawers, Espresso (AC-37425)
  • Finish: Espresso
  • Material: Pine Wood, MDF, Plastic lumber
  • 2 Drawers Included
  • 14+14 Slat System Included
  • Convertible (Separates into two Beds)

This bunk bed by Acme is ideal for making the most out of your small bedroom. The bunk beds are made from a combination of pinewood and metal. It features a spacious twin bed at the top and a queen bed at the base.

The base of the bunk bed also doubles as a dresser. The drawers can store items such as clothes, shoes, or sheets.

The top bed can handle up to 175 pounds of weight and has a sturdy safety rail. 


  • Weight – 148 Pounds
  • Shipping size – 83 x 63 x 65 Inches
  • Top bed size – Twin XL
  • Base bed size – Queen
  • Ladder – 3 Step with bend design
  • Main materials – Pinewood, plastic, and wood
  • Weight limit – 175 Pounds
  • Assembly – Assemble yourself (14 x 14 flat system)
  • Colors – Espresso
  • Additional – Can separate into two beds and includes 2 drawers in base


  • The bunk bed is beautiful
  • Save lots of space in the bedroom
  • Includes 2 drawers at the base for additional storage
  • The top bed has a safety rail
  • The top bed has a large 175-pound weight limit
  • You can assemble it yourself
  • The beds can separate and used as two individual beds
  • The ladder has a very secure fit
  • The bed is easy to assemble
  • The design is nice and sturdy


  • You might need extra tools for assembly
  • Some do find the assembly challenging

2. The Acme Caius Gunmetal Twin XL Over Queen Bunk Bed

ACME Furniture Caius 60" x 83" Transitional Metal Tube Twin XL Over Queen Bunk Bed with Slat System in Gunmetal Finish
  • Finish: Gunmetal
  • Material: Metal Tube (Steel)
  • Slat System Included
  • Mattress Not Included
  • RF Ladder

This bunk bed by Acme is also a great investment for those who are limited on space. It’s good for older kids since the bunk bed can handle more weight. The top bed can handle up to 180 pounds, while the base bed can handle 350 pounds.

The bed is very sturdy, thanks to its metal framework. The frame also has a gunmetal coating, which keeps the rust away.

The top bed is nice and spacious with its twin size. Although the rail isn’t particularly high, it’s a decent safety feature. The base bed has a queen size that can easily accommodate two adults. 

The only drawback to this bed set is that the beds cannot be separated. It can only be used as a stacker unit. 


  • Shipping size – 83 x 63 x 60 Inches
  • Top bed size – Twin CL
  • Base bed size – Queen
  • Ladder – 3 Step with bend design
  • Main materials – Metal
  • Weight limit – 180 Pounds for the top bed, 350 pounds for the base bed
  • Assembly – Easy DIY assembly
  • Colors – Gunmetal


  • The bunk bed has a beautiful design
  • All edges are curved to prevent injuries
  • The ladder has a sturdy fit
  • The top bed has a low guard rail to keep you from falling
  • Made from sturdy metal
  • Top bed has a large 180 pound weight limit
  • The base bed can handle up to 350 pounds
  • The bed is relatively easy to assemble
  • The gunmetal coating is nice and durable


  • Some do find it hard to assemble the bed
  • The top guard rail is not very high
  • An additional step to the ladder could have been great

3. The Furniture of America Denny Twin XL over Queen Bunk Bed

Furniture of America Denny TwinXL-Queen Bunk Bed, White
  • Twin XL over queen accommodation; top bunk with safety guard rails and ladder access
  • Wooden frame with insert & lock joint construction
  • Mattress ready with slat kit included; available in 2 finishes
  • Materials: wood
  • Overall dimensions: 67. 5"l X 86. 5"w X 65. 5"h

Furniture of America is one of the best bunk beds on the market.

You can separate the beds, have two beds, or stack them to create a bunk. 

The bed frames are made with strong oak wood. The bed’s design looks just as good stacked as it does separate.

The top bed has a guard rail to prevent kids from busting their heads. The top bed has a 150-pound weight limit. The base bed is a queen-size bed that can accommodate up to 250 pounds. The bed set has a 5 step ladder to make getting into the top bunk a cinch.

The only downside is that the hardwood is a bit heavier than some of the other beds on our list. You’ll also need your own drill and tools to assemble the bed. 


  • Shipping size – 67 x 86.5 x 65.5 Inches
  • Top bed size – Twin XL
  • Base bed size – Queen
  • Ladder – 5 Step with a straight design
  • Main materials – Wood
  • Assembly – DIY assembly (require a drill)
  • Weight limit – 150 Pounds for upper and 250 pounds for base
  • Colors – Natural oak color
  • Additional – Can use as separate beds


  • The natural wood bunk beds are beautiful
  • You can use them as a bunk bed set or separate them for individual use
  • The bunk beds look great even when separated
  • The top bed has safety rails to keep you from falling off
  • The top bed has a relatively good weight limit of 150 pounds
  • The base bed has a relatively good weight limit of 250 pounds
  • You can order it in two finishes
  • The ladder is nice and steep for easy climbing
  • The insert & lock design makes it relatively quick to assemble


  • The wood is heavier compared to metal bunk beds
  • Some find these beds hard to assemble
  • You will need your own drill and other tools for assembly

Buying Guide for Twin XL Bunk Beds

All three of these bunk beds are great for large families or for a spare room. If you have a tough time choosing the best for your home, then perhaps this quick guide can help you decide.

The Best for Large Kids

If you’re housing heavy kids, you should pay attention to the weight limit of the bunk beds. All of these beds are pretty rigid, but we do feel that the Acme Caius bunk bed is a bit tougher. 

The Best for Flexible Use

Lots of people prefer a bed they can use as a bunk bed or separate at a later stage for use. Although funny looking, the Acme furniture bed can split into two individual beds. 

The Furniture of America wooden bunk beds are the most versatile. Because not only can the beds separate, but they also look good once separated. 

The Best for Small Spaces

The Acme Furniture bed with drawers is an ideal solution for compact rooms because of its storage capability.

Final Thoughts

Let’s recap:

We went over three twin XL bunk beds that are great for kids, families, or businesses. 

First, split bunk beds are ideal for younger kids. As the kids become older, you can split the beds into two separate ones. 

Next, bunk beds are also great for spare rooms. If you have a large family that often visits you, bunk beds can be a great way to rest your family all in one room. 

And finally, bunk beds are efficient. If you’re running a lodging business, bunk beds can maximize your space. The more people you can house, the more profit you can make. 

So if you’re looking for a bed to lay your kids or looking for a strategic way to maximize your square footage, bunk beds can help you achieve both. 

If you need a mattress cover to go along with your new bunk beds, be sure to read our article on the best twin XL mattress covers.